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Affiliate Rewards


Step 1 Sign-up for vCard, vCard PRO or vCard Affiliate!

When you sign-up for vCard (Customer), when you purchase vCard PRO (PRO Customer) or when you are a PRO Customer and purchase the vCard Marketing Package, you become a vCard Customer or an vCard AFFILIATE. Only vCard Affiliates earn commissions from all vCard PRO OR vCard AFFILIATE upgrades.

There is No Selling ...Just Sharing!


vCard and vCard PRO Customers do not earn commissions in the Affiliate Rewards Program. You must become a vCard AFFILIATE first.


Upgrade your vCard to vCard PRO ($99 annually) and purchase the vCard Affiliate Package for $30.00 (annually) to become a vCard AFFILIATE.

Step 3 Start Sharing Your vCard With Family, Friends & Business Associates!

To earn Affiliate Reward commissions, you must be a vCard Affiliate. Just share your vCard and when someone in your vCard Affiliate group upgrades their vCard to vCard PRO, you earn commissions and vCard Global pays weekly.

There is No Selling ...Just Sharing!

Step 4 Start Earning Affiliate Reward Commissions...

vCard Global is like no other company you have encountered. We offer everyone a vCard digital business card. No Cost! Then, if you want to upgrade to vCard PRO, you receive two (2) digital cards plus loads of other features for only $99.00 per year. It Is Your Choice!

There is No Selling involved with vCard Global...we are a product-driven company!

The bottom line is that vCard Global has a great product that people need in today's online world and it's! It is our job to give you the best support along with cutting edge marketing techniques to help you become another vCard Global Success Story!

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